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Re: FYI: BashDiff

On 10/3/07, Daniel Qarras <dqarras@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> just a FYI, there's a patch set for Bash that implements numerous new
> features, many of them are already in Zsh and few are IMHO pointless
> but a couple of them look pretty interesting to me. YMMV.
> http://home.eol.ca/~parkw/index.html

I know William quite well; he did a couple of talks about this for our
Linux User Group here in Toronto, and we have both served on the Board
of Directors for the LUG...


He started the effort by seeing features in Perl that he'd rather use in Bash.
He found it somewhat frustrating that the Bash developers were
reluctant to accept any of his changes.

Some of the control structures seemed pretty dubious to me, but it
seems good to me that he is trying to do some substantive
"...  memory leaks  are  quite acceptable  in  many applications  ..."
(Bjarne Stroustrup, The Design and Evolution of C++, page 220)

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