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How do I change the subshell to something other than /bin/sh?


I am sorry if this has been answered already. I could not find and answer with google.

My problem is this. I am trying to run some scripts that I cannot change which assume capabilities found in bash. I know that zsh will execute them correctly as well. However, when I just invoke them from the zsh command line, they run under /bin/sh and fail. For example, I have a test script that looks like this:

logsol10-1 ~ > cat x.sh

echo $0


The output when I run it is this:

logsol10-1 ~ > ./x.sh
  PID TTY         TIME CMD
24296 pts/8       0:00 zsh
 5205 pts/8       0:00 ps
 5204 pts/8       0:00 sh

Note that it execs sh. How can I tell it to use another shell? zsh or bash, for example?



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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author