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Re: sluggish prompt

On Sun, 7 Oct 2007, Russell Hoover wrote:

set -x
and see where it hangs.

Hmmmmmm. This caused a scrolling read-out to the terminal of everything but the kitchen sink and went on for about 3 minutes. I don't know that it hung, but after it finished, every time I pressed <RETURN> I got this (it stopped when I removed "set -x" from my .zshrc) :

another alternative is to set it (set -x) and unset it (set +x) at different parts of the rc file... with trial and error you should be able to isolate the part that's hanging.

if it's hanging at every prompt (not just when the shell starts) i would start with turning on XTRACE within the precmd function. also, is there any command substitution in your prompt?

about how big is your ~/.zshrc? did you copy it from somewhere? or did you write it yourself? if the latter, you must've either noticed it getting getting slower... or you must have done something to make it hang.


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