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Re: Failing to write to history file if containing directory doesn't exist

On 10/9/07, Matthew Wozniski <godlygeek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 06:44:45PM -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:

[I wrote:]

> > } Only under the condition that HISTFILE is written to between the two
> > } commands.

> > Which will be always, if the SHARE_HISTORY and/or INC_APPEND_HISTORY
> > options are set.

> Exactly so.

I was well aware of this.

> > } I still want to play a "don't lose data without trying to save it"
> > } card, but it seems I'm the only one playing cards of that suite.

> > History is only maintained for interactive shells, so you might get
> > more traction with an option to prompt the user to create the directory
> > and/or fix $HISTFILE when the file does not exist or is not writable.

That's a good suggestion.

> Along that vein, and still leaning towards a solution in shell code,
> might it be reasonable to put a precmd hook into the default
> /etc/zshrc to check up on HISTFILE?  That seems like a compromise that
> allows everyone to get it but for it still to be maintained in shell,
> rather than c.

Perhaps putting that in /etc/zlogout would work well enough.
Otherwise, zshexit might be the function to hook.  Of course, if you
use either sharehistory or incappendhistory, perhaps more frequent
checks are desirable.

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