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[rj@xxxxxxxxx: Re: sluggish prompt]

[Meant to send this to the list the first time around -- sorry.]
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On Sun 10/07/07 at 08:57 PM -0700,
Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [...] I meant "If, when you have set -x in your .zshrc, and you see
> the list of files in your fpath being printed by the nested for-loops,
> that output does not appear every time,

It did appear every time until I replaced the for-loop lines with the
single line you suggested.

> What we need to know is, on every *subsquent* prompt, as you go
> through your normal habitual use of zsh on this system, do you see
> delays before PRECMD is printed or in between PRECMD and the prompt?

They're between the appearance of "PRECMD" and the appearance of the

> [...] I went back and looked at your .zshrc file again and noticed
> this:
> export MAIL=$HOME/.maildir/ export MAILCHECK=10

I changed it to 60, and I think when later this week zsh-4.3.4 is made
the system default zsh, that may speed things up a bit, but I do still
have delays.  Also I'm going to trim all the fat I can out of my home
directory and my startup files and see what that does.

                         // rj@xxxxxxxxx //

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