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Re: precmd, preexec, and supplied prompt themes

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Oct 12,  5:59pm, Matthew Wozniski wrote:
> }
> } themes should be using
> }
> } typeset -a precmd_functions
> } precmd_functions += my_prompt_precmd
> }
> } and
> }
> } typeset -a preexec_functions
> } preexec_functions += my_prompt_preexec
> }
> } If you're talking about prompt themes supplied with zsh, I would
> } consider it a bug in the package if those aren't defined that way.
> Most of the prompt themes pre-date the existence of the pre*_functions
> arrays, and aren't being maintained because their inventors are no longer
> zsh-* list participants.
> Stomping precmd is the least of the problems with several of those
> themes; they rely on now-ancient Linux console fonts for color shading,
> assume light-colored text on a dark background, etc.  We need some new
> ones.

OK, here's two:


in honor of Gary Kerbaugh, who introduced me to zsh (I'll clean it up for
zsh if you want it), and


my very own minimalistic/nihilistic theme.

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