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Re: To have cpu frequency or/and battery state percentage in my prompt

On Sun, 14 Oct 2007, giggz wrote:

i've got this (in colors, depending on battery state and level of charge) on FreeBSD 6.2 (acpi). if anyone wants details i'll post...

short version: root runs a cron job every minute to get the battery state; this is written to a file in /tmp; the prompt looks for this file; if it's there it becomes part of the prompt.

Yes please :)


the shell script is run by root every minute. the overhead is too high to run it every precmd. if that script is not running (and thus not creating the /tmp/battery-status file) ie; on my server, the battery status part of the prompt is gracefully ignored.

the battery stuff is most likely freebsd specific (i haven't tested it on anything else) but there's a lot of wild-n-crazy stuff in my zshrc that can be "borrowed" for any system ;)

lemme know how it works out... and if anyone improves on anything there, please share it...


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