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[[ -x =command ]]

as i understand the documentation, this should either return 0 or !0 depending on whether a command "foo" can be found in the path:
	[[ -x =foo ]]

but if =foo can't be found, it craps out.

i've got this in my ~/.zshrc:
	[[ -x =most ]] && export PAGER=most

and i would expect that if "most" isn't in my path, nothing would happen (nothing, in this case, meaning the PAGER variable remains unset)... instead what actually happens that processing of ~/.zshrc dies with an error. not good!

a) should that work the way i'm doing it?
b) if not, what's the correct way to test if a command exists in the PATH?

as documented in zshmisc....

    -x file
true if file exists and is executable by current process. If file exists and is a directory, then the current process has permission to search in the directory.


Normal shell expansion is performed on the file, string and pattern arguments...


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