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missing Parameter Expansion Flag?

let's say i set a string to print "xxxyyy" with the "xxx" in the default color and the "yyy" in red:

which results in:
	print ${foo}

	print ${(V)foo}

in the first example above, the "yyy" is red.

now, let's say i want to count the characters in that string:
	print ${#foo}

and of course, i can expand the meta-chars, and count the result of that:
	print ${#${(V)foo}}

*but* i don't see how to count the string so that it just counts the printing characters (xxxyyy). i want to count it so the count returns 6, which is how many printable characters are in the string. intuitively, i would think there should be a parameter expansion flag to do that, but i can't find it. is there another (good*) way? should there be a flag for that?

* good, above, means i don't want to filter out characters based on ascii values.


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