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RE: Slow compdump on Vista - no .zcompdump created

Does your question imply that zsh with cygwin is more or less functional on
vista?  My experience with it, confirmed by many postings around the 'net,
is that the cygwin fork functionality is completely broken on vista and this
makes zsh essentially unusable on vista.  Has there been a fix for this
problem, or has the situation changed for some other reason?

Thanks in advance,

Seth Kurtzberg
Software Engineer
Specializing in Security, Reliability, and the Hardware/Software Interface

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From: John Cooper [mailto:John.Cooper@xxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 9:26 AM
To: Zsh Users
Subject: Slow compdump on Vista - no .zcompdump created

Each time I start cygwin zsh (4.3.2 or 4.3.4) on Vista, compinit takes
around 12 seconds and no .zcompdump file is created:

C:\>zsh -f
$P$Gautoload -U compinit
$P$Gdate; compinit; date
Wed Oct 24 13:56:08 GMTDT 2007
Wed Oct 24 13:56:20 GMTDT 2007
$P$Gls .zcompdump
ls: .zcompdump: No such file or directory

"compinit -u" and "compinit -C" take about the same time.

With zsh 4.2.6 on WinXP, when I run "compinit" I get prompted:
  Ignore insecure directories and continue [ny]?

(this prompt isn't shown with zsh 4.3.{2,4} on Vista.)

If I type "y" or run "compinit -C" it runs much faster in zsh 4.2.6 on
WinXP (although a .zcompdump file is still not created):

$P$Gdate; compinit -C; date
Wed Oct 24 14:08:16 GMTDT 2007
Wed Oct 24 14:08:17 GMTDT 2007

Any ideas on how to speed it up on zsh 4.3.4 on Vista, and why the
.zcompdump file is not being created (`man zshall' states it should be
created by default)?


    --- John.

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