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Re: Conditional Bug?

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Joel J. Adamson wrote:
>> Okay, I've done some more testing and found that the problem is with
>> my parameter assignment.  In the tar invocation, I need all the
>> filenames submitted in the command, and various combinations of $* and
>> $@ with and without quotes don't seem to work: they either use the
>> whole list as a single argument, which brought up the error I
>> originally posted, or only use the first directory (~/ado in my
>> example).
>> What is the proper way to refer to all command line arguments?
> You probably want "$@", but I don't really understand what you mean by
> "not working", since they do :-).

Okay, I've done some more experimenting (including setting the
variables to arrays and other things) and discovered that a big
problem is that when the filenames get through to the tar command,
they are quoted, and thus the tilde does not expand.  I've tried using

${(Q)<array name>}

To remove the quotes, but they are still quoted in the trace:

+/home/joel/bin/backup:48> TOBACKUP=( '~/ado' '~/data' '~/docs' '~/svn_repo' '~/Mail' '~/News' '~/lisp' '~/office-directory' '~/.emacs' '~/.emacs-custom.el' ) 

How do I completely remove the quotes for when I invoke the command?


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Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA  02114
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