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multiple OSes

i recently had the misfortune being assigned to a project on solaris(-10). having a strong freebsd background and being comfortable on linux, i'd have to say that solaris pretty much sucks.

but i'm not here to complain, i'm here to ask a question to those of you who use zsh on more than one OS: what's in your ~/.zshrc to set things up differently for different OSes?

what i've learned so far on solaris is along these lines (but not yet tested):

## this seems to cause problems on solaris - so don't do it there
[[ -z "${OSTYPE##solaris*}" ]] || MANPATH=$(manpath 2> /dev/null)

## why does solaris suck?
[[ -z "${OSTYPE##solaris*}" ]] && PATH=$PATH/usr/ucb:${HOME}/bin:

also, i've got this in my ~/.zshrc:
  alias rm="rm -i" # safety first!
which causes a problem on solaris... instead of:
	rm -rf /junk
i have to do this:
	command rm -rf /junk

is there a better way to assign that alias to rm if i'm on solaris?


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