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atom's zshrc v0.108

a few people who saw the first release of my zshrc saw the latest version of my command prompt during kiwicon and suggested that the changes and updates were worth re-posting...


one person at kiwicon (i'll withhold names to protect the geeky) saw what i was doing on my laptop, installed zsh & mrxvt, and reported that his whole world immediately changed. YMMV.

there are security fixes in this version that supersede all previous versions. if you're using any version prior to this, i suggest updating.

if you're considering converting to zsh also check out these:
 - http://www.rayninfo.co.uk/tips/zshtips.html
 - http://zsh.dotsrc.org/


 762A 3B98 A3C3 96C9 C6B7 582A B88D 52E4 D9F5 7808

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