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Re: Multibyte characters and menu completion

On Sun, 18 Nov 2007 21:37:57 +0100
DervishD <zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> But if the character code point is greater than U+00FF, weird things
> happen. For example, I have a file named U+8336 (kanji for "tea")
> followed by U+306e (hiragana "no") followed by U+5473 (kanji for
> odor/smell) and zsh prints the name correctly (well, since I'm in a text
> mode terminal, it uses three instances of my "unknown character" glyph,
> but thinks that each letter is three glyphs wide, putting the cursor six
> spaces after the file name once it is completed:

I just tried these characters on my gnome-terminal (which seems to have the
best multibyte support of the limited number of terminals I've tried) and
they work OK.  They're two glyphs wide in this case, and the shell is handling
this correctly.  I think your terminal is probably problematic.  It's not
entirely trivial turning on all the bits you need to get multibyte characters
working.  There's some guidance in the FAQ (section 5.3).

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