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Strange bug with tiling wm, urxvt and zsh

Hi there.

I have a problem with zsh, rxvt-unicode and dwm (a tiling window manager).
I'm using zsh-4.3.4 together with rxvt-unicode-8.7 in dwm-4.7.
My .zshrc can be found at http://nico.codernet.org/pub/configs/zshrc

Everytime I open a window it gets resized to fit the screen (which is
the job of a tiling wm). Now, If I open a terminal window, dwm resizes it
directly to fit the screen - after that the first prompt I get is
'unusable'. Completion does not work (it works but I just does not get
displayed). I am able to write and exec but not to delete, complete etc.
You can see this at http://nico.codernet.org/pub/zshbug/. Also if I
press return, the written line gets echoed and then the command is

In floating mode (wm does not resize windows) the problem does
not exist. The problem is the resizing. I think there is no or some
miss-information between the terminal and the shell. I don't know if its
a problem of zsh or urxvt or maybe both togehter.
I only expire this behaviour with zsh and urxvt; urxvt and bash or
xterm and zsh are working fine. This isn't very critical but really
really annoying.

I have tested a bit around and someone from #zsh gave me a dirty hack to
bypass this behaviour: "sleep 0.1 && kill -SIGWINCH $$" at the end of the
.zshrc - which works but is very dirty and only a termporaly solution for

Where is the problem and is there a way to get rid of this stupid bug?

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