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Re: Job control missing nicety

On Dec 20, 10:39am, Micah Elliott wrote:
} Lovely.  Added to my .zshrc.
} Which brings up a silly question.  Do you guys actually pronounce
} that as "Z-shark"?  Or is maybe "Zish-Rick" more common? :-)

I've rarely heard these files (lots of unix programs have them; there's
procmailrc and vimrc and /etc/rc.d and so on, supposedly a contraction
of "run control" depending on who you ask) pronounced any way other than
"are see".  "procmailarsee", "etsee arsee dot dee", "mail dot are see".

The exception is that I've sometimes heard "rc" as "wreck" or "urk"
(replace that U with a schwa, for the dictionary geeks amoung you)
but not as "Rick".  It sort of depends on what sound precedes it;
"unitwreck", "gimpurk", about equally "screenarsee" or "screenurk"
(never "screenwreck"), "geeteekayarsee", "menuwreck", "exinitwreck"
and so on.

And zsh is either "zeesh" or "zedsh" depending on which side of the
Atlantic you're on (or which side of the Equator).  Never "zish";
there's no letter "zi" (as in zip or zit) in the English alphabet, no
matter how you pronounce "Z".

So it's zeesharsee or zedsharsee, to go with zeesh-envy and so on.

(Mutters the old fogey who was probably using Unix before some of you
were born ... gad I've been at this a long time.)

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