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Re: vi-mode intuitive history searching

On 2007-12-21 Peter Stephenson wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 10:58:48 -0800
> Micah Elliott <mde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >     bindkey -a / vi-history-search-backward
> > 
> > But now "<Esc>/" gives this scary output:
> > 
> >     zsh: do you wish to see all 1568 possibilities (1568 lines)? 

> There's something screwy with your binding: you should only get
> that output with completion.  I tried
> vi-history-search-backward (which is already bound to / by
> default in the vicmd map) from "zsh -f" and it works the way I
> think you're expecting

Yep, it works fine with -f.  But my .zshrc is pretty simple; it's
basically the one created by zsh following the interactive
"first-time user" setup.

I just created a default pristinely new user acct with no .zshrc
and running 'bindkey -v' makes my use case work as expected.

So yes, something is screwy.  I think it's this:

    % bindkey
    "^[/" _history-complete-older

I have no idea where that cam from, but...

> You might check that bindkey '\e/' (run it like that)

I'm working around it now with this in my .zshrc:

    bindkey '\e/' vi-history-search-backward

> (*) From Bash to Z-Shell; Kiddle, Peek and Stephenson; Apress.
> Still available.

Just got $JOB to approve buying me the book.  Thanks!

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