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Re: compiled completion files

2010/1/5 sergio <sergio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello.
> May be this topic has already discussed, but I hadn't found this.
> Now completion system depends on non-compiled _* files. And I think that will be better to keep them compiled.
> I'd like to know developer's opinion about this.
> I could try to fix this, but I don't know where to store first line comment from this files.
> Moreover, I think that it will be better to compile all files in functions into functions.zwc. And do this in Makefile, and not in distributive side build scripts.

Not sure what you mean, if you compile the functions dir into
functions.zwc, that is used and the files in the functions dir are not
looked at. I've done this for years. It seems the files do need to
exist for the system to work, is that what you mean? I think only the
listing is used, strace reveals none of them are opened except
compaudit/init and a few more, but nothing while tabcompleting.

Mikael Magnusson

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