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Re: Globbing autocorrects misencoded filenames?

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 04:33:36PM -0500, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote: 
> Huh, interesting.  Just as another data point, A test with some
> ISO-2022-JP- and UTF-8-encoded kanji-containing filenames shows that
> it
> does glob the latin-1-ish chars, but not the Chinese chars.
> Personally, I wouldn't do this in Zsh (I'm more a perler at heart
> anyway, and Perl's Encode module handles all of this reeeeeally well).

Actually, I'm writing this in Zsh for two reasons: most of the script is
about finding files and the extended globbing really shines at it, and I
want to learn more of Zsh for daily interactive usage. Otherwise yeah,
I'd have written this in Perl too :-)

> But, obviously there are larger implications than your script.
> I just found the 'u' and 'U' globbing flags in zshall.  Perhaps '(#u)'
> or '(#U)' is all you need (see last examples below), but it still
> seems
> odd that it's showing the 'é' in the filename for me, whether or not
> it's encoded properly.

Aha, indeed this works! At least, as long as I'm dealing with
single-byte misencodings (which is the case). I'm still interested
in the whole story if someone knows it, however.


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