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make zsh completion ergonomics closer to those of bash?

This has been driving me nuts, I've asked in a variety of places and
the responses have all been a slightly more verbose version of RTFM.
I've tried to RTFM repeatedly, but have been unsuccessful in finding
what I need, which is:

When I hit the tab key, the first autocompletion is filled out
automatically, and you need to cycle through the completions by
hitting tab repeatedly (or using the arrow keys).

This differs from bash, where you are just shown a list of the
completions. If all completions have the same prefix, then this prefix
is filled out. You can select the one you want by continuing to type
and hitting tab again.

I find the latter preferable since it is faster to type, than to
navigate to a completion in a menu.  Also I'm used to it (and 15 years
of habit are hard to change!).

Is there any way to make zsh completion act more like bash in this regard?

If you are going to refer me to the manual, I would at least ask that
you be specific, since I've already read a bunch of manual pages
related to completion which did not answer my specific question.



Ian Clarke
CEO, SenseArray
Email: ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ph: +1 512 422 3588

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author