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Re: Shell options during completion?

On Sun, 7 Feb 2010, Frank Terbeck wrote:

> Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > "Benjamin R. Haskell" wrote:
> >> Then I guess my question is more PCRE-specific than I'd thought...  
> >> Is PCRE "usually" available?  (For some "most distros"/"most 
> >> OS'es"/"most users" value of "usually")  Or should I just code up 
> >> the 'fallback' path in my other example (since I'd have to code it 
> >> anyway for the the doesn't-have-PCRE case)?
> [...]
> > You probably *can* assume POSIX regular expressions are available, 
> > i.e [[ ... =~ ... ]] with REMATCH_PCRE turned off.  That's tested 
> > for in configure, but I would expect most systems to provide it.
> Aside from the pcre vs. posix regexes issue, I'm pretty sure you can 
> do most (if not all) the things extended posix regexes can do with 
> zsh's extended globbing. And are available no matter what the 
> compile-time configuration of the shell in question was.

Looks like our messages crossed paths, but yes, that's the conclusion 
I'm coming to.  (Guess it's just a matter of practice then -- was only 
using PCRE because I'm better with Perl than with Zsh.)

Thanks for the supporting evidence.


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