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Re: possible bug in zsh glob

On Feb 24,  7:00am, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} Subject: Re: ( Text in unknown character set UTF-8 not shown )

Er, sorry about that, the age of my email reader is showing.

For more reasonable archive threading:

On Feb 24, 10:56am, dipakgaigole wrote:
} Before posting the question, I had a look at the glob options as well
} as the NOMATCH option, but the description of NOMATCH option was
} confusing.

The name of the option comes from a csh variable that can be set.  It
was therefore originally "nonomatch".  Many years ago, though, zsh
added the ability to turn *off* any option by prefixing its name with
an additional "no".  Eventually it was viewed as silly that one would
thus e.g. "setopt nononomatch"; so all the options that *already* had
a "no" prefix were renamed to drop one "no" and reverse their boolean
state (including, therefore, their default-at-startup boolean state).

In this case that left us with "nomatch" -- and the documentation also
had to be reversed, of course, which didn't always work as well as when
documenting the original name and state.

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