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Re: Append cancelled commands to history

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010, Bart Schaefer wrote about "Re: Append cancelled commands to history":
> > I thought this would be simple - just replace the print line with
> > 	print -s -r -- "$PREBUFFER$BUFFER"
> Hmm.  When I use TRAPINT, $PREBUFFER is always empty.
> 4.3.10-dev-1 1.4940

Thanks for the explanations. For me, $PREBUFFER does work:

4.3.10 1.4705
$ cat /etc/redhat-release; rpm -qf =zsh
Fedora release 12 (Constantine)

$ functions TRAPINT
        zle && [[ $HISTNO -eq $HISTCMD ]] && print -s -r -- "$PREBUFFER$BUFFER"
        echo "prebuffer: '$PREBUFFER'"
        return $1

$ for i in *
for> do
for> echo<INTERRUPT>prebuffer: 'for i in *


But the problem I have now is that when I now go up in the history, the
last command I see is

	for i in *

which is what standard zsh saved - without the last partial line - and when I
go up another command in history I see

	for i in *

which is what my code saved. I wished there was a way not to save that
shorter version, with only the accepted lines.

Of course, it's not so terrible as it is - I just wondered if there's a
way to do it better. Usually when I interrupt a multi-line command entry,
it's not because I'm not pleased with the last line I typed (if this was
the case, I could have just backspaced...), but rather, I'm not pleased
with the whole thing. So I want to save the whole thing (including the
last line I'm editing), and go to edit it later if I wish.

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