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Re: bck-search in vicmd is not thinking vi-style

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Bart Schaefer
<schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Apr 7, 11:55am, Maryam wrote:
> }
> } Can someone help me figure this out? thnx.
> Figure out which part?  There's a whole conversation there ...

here is the question: if user starts a bck-search for a string that
has more that one incident in his history bck-search will put up the
last incident that that string was part of an issued command, now if
user wants to see more he hits '^r' and that causes the cycles
bck-search to cycle through the older incidents of that string in
the question is, is it possible to change the bound key, namely '^r',
to something else?
in emacs-style '^r' invokes the bck-search and also cycles through
older results. user can, at least in vicmd mode, change the bck-search
invoking key from '^r' to something else, say '^I', and that suggests
that one should be able to change the "cycling" boundkey as well.

menu-completion was just as extra feature request so that user would
see if there is any point in going through older hits.

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