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Re: Git completion - contributing to git.git

Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> As a user of Git, I'd like to have Git completion in sync with the Git
> project itself rather than with zsh. I don't update zsh as much as Git.

It's actually fairly trivial to update a single completion without
updating the main shell:

> I'm not saying that having completion in the zsh project doesn't make
> sense but that it's more relevant to have latest version of the
> completion in the Git project.
> What about starting contributing to Git ('contrib/completion' looks like
> a good path) ?  Could Git completion contributors send their patches to
> the Git project too ?

IMHO it doesn't matter so much *where* a completion is maintained. It's
much more important that it is maintained and updated at all. It would
be great to see more people contributing to `_git'; because frankly,
it's huge and needs more man power. It'd be great to see more people
trying to get it in sync with git's master branch. Personally I'm only
touching it if there's a serious itch I feel, that needs relief. But
most of the time, the completion just works fine for me.

And FWIW, I like it that the zsh repository is the central source of
completion functions. No searching for where to get a completion; no
thinking about which version is right.

Also, maintaining something in two places is a pain in the ass. :)

> PS: I know the Git mailing list doesn't need subscription to post.  Does
> the zsh lists ask for subscribing ?

I don't think you need to be subscribed here either.

Regards, Frank

In protocol design, perfection has been reached not when there is
nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
                                                  -- RFC 1925

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