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Re: zsh portable script

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:

Are permissions the reason you suggest running it under cron? Otherwise, why not just regenerate in precmd()?

now i remember why i'm running under cron, instead of in precmd... http://smasher.org/tmp/zsh-bsd-sysctl-slow.png

freebsd's sysctl is way too slow to invoke every time i draw a prompt. linux's /sys/ and /proc/ are reasonably fast, but i already had a cron job written for bsd, and very minor changes were needed to make it work with linux.

i guess i'll leave it alone for now, but if i find a way to get that battery info from freebsd more quickly i'll think about adding the battery functionality directly into the zshrc.


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