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Re: Problem with "?" symbol


2010/8/3 Volodya Khomchak <kolombo.inc@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I faced with next issue in zsh. I'm new with this and don't have any
> idea why this occurs.
> So the problem is next:
> [kolombo:~]> curl -vvv -k https://HOST.COM/page/page2/?virtual_serial=101032
> zsh: no matches found:
> https://esx16-bsd05.qa.sbr.ironport.com/atlas/ipcs/?virtual_serial=101032
> This command fails on "?" symbol, do you have any idea why  this occurs ?

Yes: "?" is a glob operator meaning "any character", similar to "*"
(which means "any sequence of characters").

See "man zshexpn", section "glob operators" for more information.

> Also I know that this could be resolved by this:
> alias curl="noglob curl"

You might prefer escaping the "?" with a backslash:

curl -vvv -k https://HOST.COM/page/page2/\?virtual_serial=101032

If you like copy-pasting urls in your shell, have a look at the
url-quote-magic widget to escape glob operators automatically.

Best regards,


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