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Please fix history-search-backward/forward


zle says:
Search backward in the history for a line beginning with the first
word in the buffer.

GNU readline says:
Search backward through the history for the string of characters
between the start of the current line and the point.

I don't see why anybody would want zle's behavior. When I type "git
check<TAB>"; I expect the whole text to be searched; if I wanted only
the first word, I would type only the first word "git <TAB>". There's
absolutely no advantage of zle's way.

Now, it possible to workaround that behavior through
history-search-end[1]. However, I would expect such basic
functionality to be a one-liner configuration, or even better, just
make zle's history-search-backward work like that by default.

Moreover, it seems nobody has found necessary to workaround readline's
behavior to mimic zle's behavior, and with good reason I think.

This is a small issue, but it would improve the initial experience of
people trying zsh.

[1] http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Doc/Release/User-Contributions.html

Felipe Contreras

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