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Re: _screen calls non-existent program

Am 19.10.2010 um 14:58 schrieb Peter Stephenson:
> "screen-sessions" is just the name to use in the completion context.
> The command should be in $words[1], which should be "screen".  "screen
> -ls" does the right thing.
> The real problem is the completion system hasn't actually been told to
> complete a session here. The _arguments specification is:
> '-S[name this session <pid>.sockname instead of <pid>.<tty>.<host>]:session name'
> which simply outputs "session name", but doesn't try to complete
> anything.  This is presumably because it's a new session, so completing
> exactly an existing session isn't useful.  However, I can see that
> completing an existing session might help you create a new name with
> minimal typing. If you change that line (around 84) to
> '-S[name this session <pid>.sockname instead of <pid>.<tty>.<host>]:session name:->any-sessions'

Thank you, this works for me.

> you'll get that effect.  It could be a style, I suppose.

I think it should be default, at least in the -X case, because in this case -S is used to choose from existing sessions. (see my other email).


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