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Re: Absolute path of a path

On 2010-10-27 18:54:17 +0200, JÃrÃmie Roquet wrote:
> 2010/10/27 Vincent Lefevre <vincent@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > BTW, is there a way to get the canonicalised absolute pathname
> > with zsh? (i.e. what the "realpath" command gives.)
> your_path(:A) I guess :)

No. The zsh man path says:

  A    As  `a',  but also resolve use of symbolic links where possible.
       Note that resolution of `..' occurs before  resolution  of  symâ
       bolic  links.   This  call is equivalent to a unless your system
       has the realpath system call (modern systems do).

but Linux doesn't have a realpath system call.

ypig:~> man 2 realpath
No manual entry for realpath in section 2


ypig:~> realpath symlink/../vlefevre/symlink

ypig:~> echo symlink/../vlefevre/symlink(:A)

where symlink is a symbolic link to ".".

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