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Re: Is this possible in ZSH?

> On Nov 14,  3:12pm, nix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> }
> } Is it possible to append background process results to a variable or
> } to an array without waiting for that job to finish?
> You're effectively asking whether the shell implements multiprocess
> shared memory, because otherwise "process results" are only available
> as either pipe I/O or as the exit status of the job.  The short answer
> is no, you can't declare a shell variable that shares writable memory
> with a forked child.
> There are several alternatives to simulate the effect you want.  You
> can use either coprocesses (several examples are in the mailing list
> archives, search for "coproc") or the zsh/net/socket module to set up
> multiple simultaneous connections from background jobs to the shell.
> You can use a trap on SIGCHLD or a loop on zselect (the zsh/zselect
> module) to pick up the data as the jobs exit.
> Or you can use the zsh/mapfile module to simulate a shared variable.
> Compare:
> x=32
> repeat 3 do (let "x /= 2"); print $x; done
> unset x
> zmodload zsh/mapfile
> mapfile[shared]=32
> repeat 3 do (let "mapfile[shared] /= 2"); print $mapfile[shared]; done
> unset 'mapfile[shared]'
> Just be sure the name you use in place of "shared" is something unique,
> because you will destroy the contents of any file in $PWD that has that
> name.

Thanks for this hint, i try to reproduce something based on your help.

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