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exit status problem

I show the exit status in the prompt, and I have the following
reproducible problem when I do:

1. I type "false".
2. I type "sleep 1 &".
3. I increase the window width.
4. I type [Enter].

Until step 3, no problem (attached snapshot zshprompt1.png).
But after 4 (attached snapshot zshprompt2.png), the prompt has been
redisplayed with exit status 0. But the new prompt is OK.

My precmd function starts with:

  if [[ $psvar[1] -gt 128 ]] then
    local sig=$signals[$(($psvar[1]-127))]
    [[ -n $sig ]] && psvar[1]=$sig

and I have:

  TRAPCLD() { [[ -o interactive && -n $TTY ]] && precmd }


  PS1="%m:%20<...<%~%<<%(?..${prefail}[%1v]${postfail})%2v%(#.#.>) "

Is this a zsh bug?

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