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Re: filename completion with umlauts (again)

On 2011-01-07, 09:44, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Yes, I'm afraid that's the last big reason why I haven't released the
> multibyte-enabled shell as a stable version yet.  However, it's a big
> job in underdocumented code, so I'm not going to wait any more.
> Possibly someone will have time and patience for it one day.

Uhm, too bad.  I am wondering whether case insensitivity in the
matcher could be achieved with a different trick?

Maybe somehow like this: Bart Schaefer once sent me a nifty function
to replace a leading 7 with a slash (common typing mistake on German

function _7slash {
   if [[ $words[CURRENT] = 7(#b)(*)(#e) ]]
     compadd -U -X 'Correct leading 7 to /' -f /$match[1]

But no, I guess case insensitivity is a lot more complex, right?


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author