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Project: Friendly Interactive ZSHell available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/fizsh/

Hi Julien, Peter and other ZSH users, 

Today I uploaded a "package" that provides a "Fish-like" user interface to ZSH. 
Of course I used Julien's excellent syntax highlighting code from 
https://github.com/nicoulaj/zsh-syntax-highlighting for the syntax highlighting 
stuff. The package also contains a search widget, which I partially cooked up 
myself. It is based on an idea proposed by Peter in 2009 
(http://www.zsh.org/mla/users/2009/msg00818.html). For the rest I added some 
scripts that take care of installing the files to the right location. 

The project is called Fizsh, meaning Friendly Interactive ZSHell. It is a 
frontend to ZSH. Its purpose is to quickly provide users with an easy looking 
(Fish-like) environment, in which they can still execute Bourn-syntax snippets. 
This will hopefully entice users relatively new to ZSH, but it may also be of 
interest to existing users, who like the Fish user interface and who want to use 
it while being able to use Bourn-syntax snippets at the same time. 

I don't intend to fork Julien's syntax highlighting code. For future versions I 
will just check-out the latest version of his script. The search-widget will 
have to be improved on the sourceforge site. There are some obvious bugs in it, 
although I find it quite workable. Anyone who has ideas, bug-reports, or 
patches, please feel free to mail them to me, or to the FiZsh mailing list at 

For those interested: the project is available at 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/fizsh/. You can find a tarball there, and a 
".deb" archive. 

Best wishes, 

Guido van Steen 

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