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Re: zle -R does it support color?

Hi Bart,

Thanks for pointing out the widget.  It looks like the same general idea (except 
mine is customized towards my needs); there's a loop, a read -k, and the use of 
zle -R.  I guess that means there will be no color support there either.  

I'll take a look at POSTDISPLAY and region_highlight that you mentioned before 
when I get to it and see if I can use it. 


From: Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: zsh-users@xxxxxxx
Sent: Wed, February 9, 2011 12:11:34 AM
Subject: Re: zle -R does it support color?

On Feb 8, 10:15pm, Wendell Hom wrote:
} The way my "completion" widget works is that when it is invoked, it  
} enters a loop and waits for the next key to be pressed.              
} Every time a key is pressed, the new completion list is redisplayed 
} automatically.

Have you looked at Functions/Zle/incremental-complete-word ?  Thus spake
"man zshcontrib":

     This allows incremental completion of a word.  After starting this
     command, a list of completion choices can be shown after every
     character you type, which you can delete with ^H or DEL.  Pressing
     return accepts the completion so far and returns you to normal
     editing (that is, the command line is _not_ immediately executed).
     You can hit TAB to do normal completion, ^G to abort back to the
     state when you started, and ^D to list the matches.


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