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Key bindings not working under screen


I would like to ask for assistance trying to solve a problem with zsh 
under screen where key bindings are not working (for instance
"bindkey '^[-' copy-prev-shell-word" in .zshrc).

This is the problem: in my .zshrc (and .bashrc) I set editor variables 
to JED (if installed) or to Vim:

type jed &> /dev/null && DEFAULT_EDITOR=jed || DEFAULT_EDITOR=vim

On systems where JED is not installed (-> DEFAULT_EDITOR=vim) I can 
observe this:

% bindkey | wc -l
% bindkey | grep copy-prev-shell-word
"^[-" copy-prev-shell-word
% screen
% bindkey | wc -l
% bindkey | grep copy-prev-shell-word

I've renamed my .screenrc but the issue remains. Interestingly it only 
happens when I set $EDITOR *and* $VISUAL in .zshrc, only under screen 
and only with zsh (not bash).

Can someone shed some light about the connection between $EDITOR, 
$VISUAL, zsh and screen?

[zsh 4.3.11 on Cygwin (XP, 7 and 2008 R2) and on Gentoo Linux,
GNU screen 4.0.3]

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author