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Re: Suffix alias for README files

ZyX wrote:

> Reply to message «Re: Suffix alias for README files», 
> sent 21:25:43 20 April 2011, Wednesday
> by John Eikenberry:
> > Is there any way to get either of these to work without changing the
> > command that is stored in history? So the history contains
> > '/some/path/README' and not 'less /some/path/README'?
> Yes, of course. I personally use the following code:
>     function zshaddhistory()
>     {
>         emulate -L zsh
>         if ! [[ -z "${_HISTLINE}" ]] ; then
>             print -sr -- "${_HISTLINE}"
>             unset _HISTLINE
>         else
>             print -sr -- "${1%%$'\n'}"
>         fi
>         fc -p
>     }
> With this function if you set variable _HISTLINE somewhere before
> zshaddhistory hook is run then contents of _HISTLINE will be put into the
> history. Widget accept-line is called before zshaddhistory.

I'll play with this after work but I have a quick question. Do you know whether
this would play nice with the hist_ignore_all_dups setting? My experiments with
using print to manually add entries previously have not worked as they all
failed to respect hist_ignore_all_dups.



John Eikenberry
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