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Completions for tree

Here are completions for tree.

#compdef tree

# Completions for tree, version 1.5.3
# Tree is available at
# http://mama.indstate.edu/users/ice/tree/

typeset -a opts

'--help[verbose usage listing]'
'--version[version of tree]'
'-a[show all files, including hidden ones]'
'-d[list directories only]'
'-f[print full path prefix for each file]'
'-i[do not print indentation lines]'
'-l[follow symlinks that point to directories]'
'-x[stay on current filesystem]'
'-P[list only files matching a pattern]:pattern:'
'-I[do not list files matching a pattern]:pattern:'
'--noreport[do not print file and directory report at end]'
'-p[print file type and permissions, like ls -l]'
'-s[print size of each file in bytes]'
'-h[print human readable file size]'
'-u[print username]'
'-g[print group name]'
'-D[print date of last modification]'
'--inodes[print inode numbers]'
'--device[print device number to which file or directory belongs]'
'-F[append descriptive character to end, like ls -F]'
'-q[print non-printable characters as question mark, not caret]'
'-N[print non-printable characters as is, not as caret]'
'-v[sort the output as version]'
'-r[sort output in reverse alphabetic order]'
'-t[sort output by last modification time instead of alphabetically]'
'--dirsfirst[list directories before files]'
'-n[turn colorization off always, over-ridden by the -C option]'
'-C[turn colorization on always]'
'-A[turn on ANSI line graphics hack when printing indentation lines]'
'-S[turn on ASCII line graphics]'
'-L[max display depth of tree]:level:'
'--filelimit[do not descend directories with more than number of entries]:number:'
'-R[recursively cross down the tree and execute tree again]'
'-H[turn on HTML output]'
'-T[title for HTML output]'
'--charset[character set for HTML and for line drawing]:charset:'
'--nolinks[turn off hyperlinks in HTML output]'
'-o[send output to file]:filename:'
'*:directory:_files -/'

_arguments $opts

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