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Completion question


often I assemble complicate and/or longish commandlines from previous
ones. This include copy'n'paste actions. This also includes action
which are not always done the sequence, which is given by the
paramters of the final commandline.

Suppose I have alreasy pasted this one (">" is the prompt)

>/home/me/data/subdira/subdirb/The Long and winding commandline.wav
The cursor is here:"^"

Now I press CTRL-A and type the beginning of the command "mplayer"
like this:

>mpla/home/me/data/subdira/subdirb/The Long and winding commandline.wav

If I press TAB now, nothing happens, since zsh seems to take the
whole commandline into account while searching for a possible
completion. And of course
"mpla/home/me/data/subdira/subdirb/The Long and winding commandline.wav" 
is not know as a command on my system... ;)

Is it possible to configure zsh to only take the string from the
beginning up to the position of the cursor into account for the
completion processing ?

Thank you very much in advance for any help ! :)

Best regards,

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