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killing suspended jobs makes zsh hang after 47d1215

With 4.3.12 I can't cycle between open docs a la bookmarks.

  % env -i TERM=xterm =zsh -f
  % man man
  zsh: suspended  man man
  % kill %
  % %
  [1]  + continued  man man
  load: 0.04  cmd: zsh 47317 [pause] 222.05r 0.01u 0.00s 0% 2612k

In case it's harder to reproduce here is a trace

  (gdb) bt
  #0  0x00000008044358fc in sigsuspend () at sigsuspend.S:3
  #1  0x000000000047d6dc in signal_suspend (sig=20, wait_cmd=0) at signals.c:373
  #2  0x00000000004481e8 in zwaitjob (job=1, wait_cmd=0) at jobs.c:1317
  #3  0x0000000000448390 in waitjobs () at jobs.c:1362
  #4  0x000000000044a1d9 in bin_fg (name=0x8071e4738 "fg", argv=0x7fffffff8ac0, ops=0x7fffffff8b90, func=2) at jobs.c:2058
  #5  0x000000000040ed73 in execbuiltin (args=0x8071e4700, bn=0x6af3c0) at builtin.c:450
  #6  0x000000000042ab5d in execcmd (state=0x7fffffff91a0, input=0, output=0, how=2, last1=2) at exec.c:3182
  #7  0x00000000004265a0 in execpline2 (state=0x7fffffff91a0, pcode=259, how=18, input=0, output=0, last1=0) at exec.c:1640
  #8  0x0000000000425aef in execpline (state=0x7fffffff91a0, slcode=3074, how=18, last1=0) at exec.c:1424
  #9  0x000000000042531e in execlist (state=0x7fffffff91a0, dont_change_job=0, exiting=0) at exec.c:1207
  #10 0x0000000000424d63 in execode (p=0x8071e4660, dont_change_job=0, exiting=0, context=0x49b217 "toplevel") at exec.c:1028
  #11 0x00000000004412f3 in loop (toplevel=1, justonce=0) at init.c:185
  #12 0x000000000044431d in zsh_main (argc=2, argv=0x7fffffff9308) at init.c:1528
  #13 0x000000000040e12b in main (argc=2, argv=0x7fffffff9308) at ./main.c:93

zsh 4.3.12 (amd64-portbld-freebsd9.0)

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