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Re: Idiom for booleans

> On Aug 12,  5:24pm, Micah Elliott wrote:
> }
> }   % (( 0 ))
> }   ((: command not found

> This has to be something in your configuration.  Try it with zsh -f ?

Sweet relief! Thanks Bart!!

Disabling my setup with -f did the trick. Which led me on a goosechase
ending in this line in my setup:

  . /etc/zsh_command_not_found

That's a pretty handy utility (that I would expect to be popular), but
for now I'm going to live without it. I see it's a problem on the last
few Ubuntu releases, and I can't believe other people aren't seeing
the problem.

So when I do:

  % (( ))
  ((: command not found

Which ends up about the same as (except zsh was never actually complaining!):

  % dfjdkjfkdjf
  zsh: command not found: dfjdkjfkdjf
  dfjdkjfkdjf: command not found

It eventually ends up calling:

  /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/command-not-found -- "(("

So the buggy (or just bash-aware) python utility isn't going to work with zsh.

I'm also happy to see that by disabling command-not-found I can now do
this without funny "command not found" messages:

  % foo=bar ls not_a_file  # with command-not-found enabled
  ls: cannot access not_a_file: No such file or directory
  foo=bar: command not found  <-- UGH!!

I'll plan to file bugs on these for zsh. http://goo.gl/alnwN

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