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On 2011-08-30 12:17:15 -0400, TJ Luoma wrote:
> How do I know which TERM I should use?

You should normally use the value provided by your terminal. Avoid
generic values such as "xterm", unless you never ssh to other
machines, as the terminfo databases for such generic values are
platform-dependent (for instance, Mac OS X has kbs=^H, while
Debian has kbs=\177).

> Is it determined by the terminal application that I am using (i.e.
> Terminal.app or iTerm on Mac OS X, or "Screens" on iPad), or is there a
> decent "baseline" I ought to be able to use safely?

AFAIK, iTerm tries to be compatible with the configured TERM value,
but at least with the old versions (latest on Tiger), it does that
badly (I suppose that for MacPorts users, it doesn't know which
database to use: the one from Apple or the one from MacPorts).

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