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Re: prompts with newlines get printed twice

On Sep 26,  6:42pm, Jorge Israel Pena wrote:
} Just wanted to follow up. It seems like multiline prompts cause zsh to exit
} ([Process Completed]) when I do tab completion more than once:
} cd ~/.vim<TAB><TAB><TAB>[Process Completed]

Sorry if you've mentioned this before, but could you be specific about
the version of zsh here?
} I have made sure this is what's causing it.

So what *exactly* is the difference in your configuration when it does
not happen vs. when it does?

On Sep 26,  6:48pm, Jorge Israel Pena wrote:
} I think it's because after the third tab, the directory gets reprinted and
} each subsequent TAB makes it cycle through possible candidates. This
} redrawing I imagine is somehow interfering with the trap cuu 2 WINCH
} workaround.

Uneless your terminal size is changing this can't have anything to do
with the trap.  It's called only in the event of an external signal,
not every time the prompt is redrawn.

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