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Re: zsh: bad option, bash works

[ CC'd to zsh-users@xxxxxxx. My apologies for this. - Cameron ]

On 19Dec2011 12:33, Rich Boyce <rich@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| On 18/12/11 22:11, Cameron Simpson wrote:
| >On 18Dec2011 22:51, Zind<wzmindlog@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
| >| Thanks a trillion.   :-)
| >
| >Did you consult the manual? "man "zshbuiltins" says:
| Hmm. If you're unaware that type is a builtin, when using zsh 'man
| type' actually gives me BASH_BUILTINS(1).

That is a bit of a clue right there.

| If I don't know what a
| builtin is, and read about type in there, it tells me that '-t' is a
| valid option.

Indeed. There's no particular clue that the options don't work for all

| Perhaps when you do 'man type' or any other of the builtins, you
| should be shown the man page for the shell you're actually using?

Ugh. Via the normal man command? Please not. Via some shell builtin (:-)
alias? Maybe, provided it has big flashing lwaning lights and an
indicator of how to get the "real" manual entry.

Better, maybe, would be a "help" builtin for bash, zsh etc that
documented builtins and other topics, and offered to divert to "man"
as well (or on no hit).

Hmm. I see "bash" has a help comment. Zsh doesn't.

Cameron Simpson <cs@xxxxxxxxxx> DoD#743

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There is oil in here, and lots of it. - Mike Mitten, rec.moto, 29sep1993

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