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Re: Annoying zsh completion

On Jan 9,  1:08pm, Volodya Khomchak wrote:
} Approximately month ego I started to see next annoying zsh completion 
} behavior.
}   # vim /etc/rc.local
}   # zsh: correct 'vim' to '.vim' [nyae]? n

What's the setting of your HASH_LIST_ALL option?  Also, is .vim a file
or a directory?

I've forgotten the history of this, but if HASH_LIST_ALL is not set
then spell checking won't preload the command hash table, so it will
not find any command you haven't already executed.  A side effect of
this is that when AUTO_CD is set, then directories in $cdpath will be
used for corrections, so a directory with a name similar to that of a
command will be offered.

My guess is that oh-my-zsh has adopted some of the suggestions from
zsh-users over the past few months to delay command hashing in order
to get faster shell startup, with the side effect that correction has
begun misbehaving in some instances.

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