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Extended attributes (module and article)

Hi! I was peeking at the `zsh/attr` module docs and trying to figure
out why it exists. Is it significantly different from the standard
getfattr/setfattr/attr utils (which already have nice completions and
look more featureful)? Does it serve to abstract say Linux's xattr and
Mac's xattr systems? I'm really only using Linux, but I guess that
could be a reason to use the zsh module.

Also, does anyone know what's up with this old-but-probably-awesome
Linux Mag article by Oliver? http://www.linux-mag.com/id/2126/ I swear
I was reading it fully just last week, but now it's truncated and I
can't find an archive of it. Oliver -- do you have the original still,
ideally in a format where LM hasn't html-munged the nice ascii chars
into mdash, etc.? Oh, here's an archive that looks intact, but still
should probably be re-posted somewhere where others will find it:

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