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Re: "Literal" command execution

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 20:51, Yuri D'Elia <wavexx@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm trying to reduce some typing here, as usual ;).
> I have a command line logger that allows free text as its main arguments (random example: taskwarrior). A typical example might be:
>  command log [free text follows]
> I want to reduce escaping to the bare minimum. Dollars are not really a problem, but I discovered myself to escape '<' '>' and '!' too often.
> Of course I am already aware of both noglob and nocorrect, but I would need something more extreme, as in "feed whatever text, including #, etc, that follows the command as arguments".
> Is there any way to achieve that?
> Maybe by some rewriting trick?


For URLs I'm using something called url-quote-magic: when I start
writing an URL, it's detected and then all special characters are
escaped (&, <, >, !).
autoload -U url-quote-magic ; zle -N self-insert url-quote-magic
This is really great for copying+pasting URLs, for example to use it in wget.

What you want to do looks pretty similar, so maybe this could be a
starting point for you? (except it's during a specific command
arguments instead of autodetected)


Damien Thebault

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