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Re: s/pattern/pattern/g on the commandline ?

On Tue, 28 Feb 2012, Jérémie Roquet wrote:

> > is there a way the prevent execution of the altered commandline when
> > coming back from fc?
> Not that I know of. Maybe someone else on the list could help…

It depends on what is wanted ... 'Just don't do anything' (without error)
can be done by saving just a single Line of ':'.
And if you have 'jobcontrol', hitting ^Z stopps the editor and thereby
looses the conection between the tempfile of fc and command execution.
Seemingly a non-zero-returnconde of the editor prevents execution,
so exiting e.g. 'vim' by ':cq' (setting retcode = 1) does this.

BUT I never fond out, how to put the edited lines into the history
BUT NOT EXCUTE them (once I'm in the editor by fc...).
So in this case I always saved to some other place and aborted editing.


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