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Re: Why is this happening in zsh?

On Thu, 15 Mar 2012, Kyle Partridge wrote:

> So I alias these type of commands to use `noglob`.
> Does this solution make sense?
> Ex:
> 	alias find="noglob find"

This depends on what you really want to do and whether you alias
such command for a spcific case (good) or generally (bad).

Personally I prefer zsh's 'calling a missing * expansion an error',
because I normally tell the shell exactly what to do:

- eighter I write a simple * and 'globbing nothing' then IS an error
- or I use quoting, so I KNOW that the program called, will get the '*'

On the command line I mostly quote stars like: find ... -name \*foo\*
By doing this I keep the possibillity to do both in one comand,

find some/tree/*/branches -name leaf\* -print

And the errormessage of the zsh keeps me from accidentally working
with real '*' in filenames or empty parameters, which can have VERY
strange results in daily work as a sysadmin :-)


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