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Fwd: Re: Loading functions

[Sorry for the duplicate, Mark; I accidentally replied to you privately 
and not to the list.]

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 11:03:11PM +0000, Mark wrote:
> Hello again fellow zshians,
> For a particular git repository I created some helper functions.
> Usually I cd to the gitroot and then I load these functions (and env
> variables) by sourcing './zsh.env.' 
> Often I forget to source the file and I also just dislike to source it
> manually. I probably got irritated by this irritating pattern of first
> forgetting to source the file, then forgetting to preface it with it's
> path by typing ". zsh.env" and only then getting it right by typing
> ".  ./zsh.env".
> After being properly annoyed in today's fourth or fifth terminal screen
> i started to search for alternative ways. At first I thought I could
> execute some script instead of sourcing it. But I couldn't find ways in
> which my shell would remember specified functions after the script had
> been executed. Is this even possible?
> Then I realised that ideally my shell would "do something" (e.g.
> automatically load functions, set env vars) when I go into a directory
> or any subdirectory and "undo" it (unload these functions, unset the
> variables) upon leaving the directory. Which ultimately leads to my next
> question: can zsh be instructed to have a particular environment that is
> local to certain directories?

I just started doing this sort of thing recently.  Here's a snippet from 
my ~/.zshrc:

cd() {
    if [[ -x .autodir/exit ]]; then
        print -- '(-autodir)' >&2
        source .autodir/exit
    builtin cd $@ || return $?
    if [[ -x .autodir/enter ]]; then
        print -- '(+autodir)' >&2
        source .autodir/enter



Paul Hoffman <nkuitse@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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